General Counsel / Consulting Services

Many small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from having immediate access to legal expertise but find the cost of a full-time general counsel to be prohibitive. Alan Hall bridges this gap through flexible arrangements that make his legal and business consulting expertise available as needed by the client. In this capacity, Alan provides business clients with the same range of services they could expect from an on-staff general counsel, as well as expert consultations on a range of business issues:

  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Employee-related legal issues
  • Comprehensive risk review (regulatory, legal and compliance)
  • Risk mitigation and avoidance plans
  • Policy review and development and regulatory interpretation
  • Litigation management and assessment, including working with outside counsel to help reduce costs
  • Business process analysis and refinement
  • Litigation services
  • Comprehensive company analysis (through relationships with audit and information technology providers)

As an alternative to traditional lump-sum or hourly billing structures, Alan offers flexible fee arrangements based on clients’ needs, including checkpoints at various stages of the process to determine if clients want to pursue specific issues further.



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